Talk around Town


Only four weeks to go!

Time that used be ticking slowly is now flying by and you only have about four weeks to go! T’s need to be crossed and i’s dotted. 

Assuming you have compiled the wedding list, chosen your trusted staff (celebrant, photographer, entertainment, venue, caterers, transporters, wedding party, hair and make up artists) and bought or hired the outfit and accessories, flowers, cake, sent invitations (phew) and booked a honeymoon … What next?

You may not want to do any of these things, that’s ok, but maybe you do….here’s a few last minute things to think about:

  • Meet with venue/entertainers to discuss details

  • Clean engagement rings

  • Buy a guest book and special cake knife

  • Write and practice vows/speeches

  • Have a last hoorah night out

  • Try everything on including shoes (might need to wear them in a bit)

  • Coordinate everyone for a rehearsal

  • Drop off things to the venue (day or 2 before) 

  • Purchase thank you gifts

Don’t panic 

  1. If you don’t do everything it probably won’t matter on the day… you’ll laugh about it later. 

  2. Ask for help. Your celebrant has a wealth of knowledge and contacts so ask them first and delgate to the wedding party. 

  3. Importantly, enjoy your day.  Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of you having a ball. Wishing you the best, Jeni (Marriage Celebrant) Melbourne Celebrant Services

Jeni Wilson