About Us

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Dr Jeni Wilson (Dip T,B. Ed, Master of Ed, Phd) is an Associate of the Faculty of Education at the University of Melbourne. She taught at the University of Melbourne in the Education Faculty for fifteen years as a senior lecturer in pre and post service education. Jeni has extensive experience as a private education consultant. 

Jeni is an experienced speaker who has wide experience speaking to large audiences around the world. She has been invited to speak interstate and overseas. Jeni is the co-author of over 60 books and hundreds of articles. Her publications have been translated in many countries and are sold in Canada, America, Japan, New Zealand, England, Indonesia, Slovenia and elsewhere. 

Jeni is extensively involved in community volunteer work.  She has also been fostering for over thirty years. She has two biological children, the permanent carer of two children and a respite foster carer. 


Madison Wilson-Thorp has a broad range of work experiences such as landscaping, tree lopping, customer service and assistant grip on well known television shows. He is currently studying a Bachelor of the Arts (English major) at La Trobe University, working as a disability support worker and writing on his first book. 


Madison has an extensive volunteer profile including kitchen hand at a soup kitchen, food drops, Salvation Army collections. He speaks regularly to varied audiences in Australia and abroad and has travelled extensively around the world.